Nutritional Neuroscience Toolbox

This page provides a collection of nutritional neuroscience resources such as software, standardized images and fMRI tasks.

Measurement toolbox: FoRC Platform

To measure Food-Related subject Characteristics (e.g., personality characteristics) we developed the FoRC toolbox.

Standardized food images: F4H Image Collection

A set of standardized food and non-food images for use in (fMRI) tasks. Download through this page. 

fMRI tasks [under construction]

Presentation scripts for food viewing, food choice, taste and olfactory fMRI tasks.

Virtual supermarket & Neuroshop

A free virtual supermarket and associated fMRI choice task.


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Research from the Nutritional Neuroscience Lab was funded by grants from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

The Nutritional Neuroscience Lab is affiliated with the Image Sciences Institute of the University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands.